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Giclee prints can be purchased from My Etsy Shop in 3 different sizes:

40 x 50 cm 16" x 20" ( 50 Euro )

30 x 42 cm 12" x 16" ( 35 Euro )

21 c 30 cm 8" x 12" ( 25 Euro )


Printed by DigiCreativ
It is individually signed, titled and numbered personally by me.


Giclee prints are available of 5 different art works:

Festival Big Top, Blackrock, St Nicholas Church, Ladies Beach and Canoe Polo 1


Framed Prints are also availble for the smallest print size ( 70 Euro). Please contact me if you are interested in buying. Note: No shipping available for framed prints, they have to be picked up in Galway.







What is a Giclee print?

Is a type of digital fine art prints, which is the closest replication of an original art work. Images are generated from high resolution digitals scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates such as canvas, fine art and photo-base paper. It provides a better color accuracy. The prints are light-fast and non water soluble.

All Giclee prints are printed on Somerset Velvet Paper.




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